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CANDLEPOWER Volsa Plus-100 Xenon Headlamp Bulb - H4 - 12V 55W/60W


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  • New technology puts out 100% more light without having to increase the wattage or amperage drawn
  • More efficient than standard halogen lamps and provides for increased brightness
  • Bulb filament is designed with a tighter tolerance that allows for less straight light and more lumen output within the designed beam pattern
  • Does not require an upgrade to the original wiring and sockets
  • Sold each

    Type: Headlamp
  • Fits Bulb Socket: P43t (H4)
    Volts: 12 V
    Watts: 55 W / 60 W
    Bulb Type: Xenon
    Function/Filament: Dual
    Light Color: White