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Drag Specialties 1200cc Cylinder - 1988-2003 Sportster

Drag Specialties

  • Replacement cylinders feature ductile cast-iron sleeves in aluminum castings
  • Sleeve has external ribs that “lock” the sleeve to the aluminum casting so it cannot move
  • Excellent for stock replacement Cylinders are finished slightly undersized so they may be finish-honed to fit your pistons
  • 1200 XL cylinders make increasing the displacement of an 883 a snap
  • Cast-iron cylinders meet or exceed OEM tolerance specifications
  • Withstand greater pressure and heat than stock

  • Due to the many different brands of pistons that are available, all cylinders listed below will need to be sized and clearanced to the type of piston being used.

    Color/Finish: Black/Highlighted Fins
    Bore Size: 3.500"
    Displacement: 1200 cc