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Feuling OE+ Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner Conversion Kit - 2002-2006 Twin Cam (EXCEPT 2006 DYNA)


  • Kits allow engine builders to update early style mechanical cam chain tensioner Twin Cam® engines to the late style hydraulic cam chain tensioner systems while mixing and matching components
  • Whether using a Feuling camchest kit with conversion camshafts, Feuling conversion camplate oiling system with stock style 99-06 camshafts and or conversion camshafts with a combination of factory, SE®, Delkron® or S&S® oiling systems, these kits offer endless combinations
  • Kits include: Cam and crank sprockets, sprocket alignment spacers, inner and outer cam chains, inner and outer hydraulic tensioner assemblies
  • Made in the U.S.A.

    This kit is designed to work with conversion camplate oiling systems: OE+ PART #0932-0094, HP+ PART #0932-0071, RS PART #0932-0072. Screamin' Eagle conversion camplate oiling system: OEM #25284-11.