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Feuling Quick Install Adjustable Pushrods - 1999-2017 Twin Cam Models


  • Strength and rigidity of Quick Install pushrods are second only to heavy-duty one-piece pushrods
  • Tube material starts out as 7/16” rod OD, then gets turned down to 3/8” OD leaving heavy duty 7/16” - 20 threads
  • for the base and jam nut
  • 0.134” wall thickness
  • Jam nut slides up the pushrod
  • Base then loosens up into the pushrod to allow Quick Install access
  • Individual length exhaust and intake pushrods
  • Install without the removal of rocker covers
  • Also included in the kit are four chrome lower tubes
  • and clips. Use in conjunction with factory inner tubes, covers, caps, springs and washers
  • NOTE: Correct pushrod/?lifter adjustment requires starting with fully pumped up lifters.
  • NOTE: Quick Install pushrods have 7/16” - 20 threads per inch. 0.050” adjustment per turn. Two turns = 0.100”.