Magnum Shielding Black Pearl E-Z Align DOT Braided Single Disc Front Brake Line - 38"

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  • E-Z Align rotating caliper banjo feature allows for perfect no-kink fitments
  • Available in lengths from 36 to 74 inches

  • Fittings offered are in 7/16" or 10mm sizes, with 90°, 180°, 35°, and 60° degree bends.

    The caliper banjo will be a 90°or a 60° 10mm E-Z Align rotating caliper banjo. 2004 and newer XL brake lines use a 10mm master cylinder banjo fitting available in 90°, 60°, 35 °, and 180° angles and a 60° 10mm E-Z Align rotating caliper banjo fitting. Housing length is measured from the center of the banjo hole at the master cylinder to the flat part of the 90° at the caliper.

    Works as alternate length line for all non-ABS models (except 2004-2019 Sportsters).

    Length: 38"
    Lower Banjo Fitting: 10 mm 90° Banjo Fitting
    Upper Banjo Fitting: 7/16" 35° Banjo Fitting
    Disc: Single

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