Q: What year range do you work on?
A: We work on all Harley Davidsons and custom built Harley based motorcycles from 1903 to today.


Q: Do you work on metric bikes?
A: We do not perform ANY services on metric applications.


Q: Will you install parts I purchased somewhere else?
A: In a majority of cases, the answer is no. There are exceptions but if we carry it, assume the answer is no for liability and warranty reasons.


Q: If I leave a message, how long until I will receive a return call?
A: Return call times vary and can take up to 48 hours due to service volume. If you have a time sensitive issue, it is best to send an e-mail to tech@cobaltcycles.com and put URGENT at the beginning of the subject line.


Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: Yes. All shop services are by appointment only including build consultations.


Q: Can I just stop by to check out the service department?
A: We are a small team and that means we have to stop service production. If you would like to come by to talk to us, please understand if we need to keep the discussion brief.


Q: Do you do insurance work?
A: Yes, we are authorized to do work with most major insurance companies.


Q: Do you do warranty work on the newer Harley Davidson models?
A: We are not able to perform any factory warranty work BUT we do work with most extended service plans (ESP) and aftermarket warranty companies.