Feuling HP+ Series Complete 405 Cam Chest Kit - 2017-2020 Water Cooled Milwaukee 8 Models

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  • Quieter and smoother engine operation
  • Increase oil pressure, scavenge volume and engine oil flow
  • 15-35 degree cooler engine temperatures
  • 15-30 degree cooler oil temperatures
  • 15-30 more PSI of oil pressure
  • Eliminate wet sumping, blow by and oily air cleaners
  • Heavy duty .165" wall one piece pushrods reduce valvetrain harmonics and increase valve lift
  • Kits include: Feuling High Volume Oil pump, High Flow billet Camplate, Reaper series camshaft, hydraulic roller lifters, fixed length pushrods, Timken/Koyo cam bearing, rocker arm studs and nuts, gaskets, O-rings, ARP® cam/crank fasteners, washers, moly lube and Loctite®
  • 405 cam produces a wide powerband, increasing torque and horsepower throughout the entire rpm range compared to stock
  • Responds well with slip-on mufflers and/or a complete exhaust system and high-flow air cleaner
  • RPM range 1700-5700
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Type: Chain
  • Model: HP+
  • Grind: 405 Series
  • Intake Open: 4°
  • Intake Close: 24°
  • Intake Lift: 0.395"
  • Intake Duration: 200°
  • Exhaust Lift: 0.405"
  • Exhaust Duration: 205°
  • Exhaust Open: 36°
  • Exhaust Close: 11°

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